Alien Isolation Review


Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation is freaking awesome – and I mean it actually inspires awe in me, those developers are gods of code. This is a first-person, horror-survival which seriously lives up to the potential of the Aliens storyline. Quite frankly it’s the best Aliens game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played them all.

The graphics and sound in this game create a seamless ambience of deep-seated fear from the outset, drawing you into the darkness of the Aliens Universe and dragging you into its story. And that story is good too, without any spoilers I can tell you that they’ve slipped Ridley’s daughter into the saga perfectly. The story is better than many recent Hollywood films.

The gameplay is slick too, the FPS style is used to its maximum here, throwing you inside the mind of a scared and desperate woman, your stomach will constrict with real fear as you quiver in lockers whilst the Alien stalks past. You better hold your breath too, if you release it too early the beast will hear you – then no amount of aluminium plating can conceal you from its dark intent. There are also some beautiful surprises and colourful characters which I won’t say any more about for fear of ruining your fun.


Should you buy this game? You might as well ask if Aliens shit in the woods – we all know they do, and it probably melts through adamantine-steel faster than molecular acid… Or in other words – buy this game before it sneaks round a corner and rips your head off.

Final Score 10/10

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