Super Psy Penguin

Super Psy Penguin is a fast paced shooter with old school style blasting action but with modern HD visuals and some amazing audio from TimeSlaveRecordings.

The original idea for Super Psy Penguin comes from my mobile shooter Psy Penguin Vs Infinity… although the game has a few flaws, i really learnt a lot from the feedback and I wanted to put that into a new game. One positive thing which kept getting said was that PsyPenguin is a great character and I should make more use of him. But I wasn’t happy with a crappy mobile game any-more – now I wanted a full game, with PC quality visuals, joypads and – most important of all – properly crafted levels with bosses and graded enemies. – and so – Super Psy Penguin was born!










Here the Youtube promo video – its got lots of 80s effects – there’s a clean gameplay vid later:


You can see the gameplay below:



Follow the link below to give Super Psy Penguin your vote on Greenlight!


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