Tronix Defender

Tronix Defender is a retro styled Tower Defence game where you must protect your CPU from hack-bots and trojans inside a digital world. The levels are partially randomised for maximised replay-ability and the game is complemented by a killer Synthwave soundscape created by Time Slave Records.

Main Game Features Include:

  • Pure passion project created because I love TD games!
  • 10 different enemy types each has different strengths
  • 10 tower types giving different ways to play
  • 10 original synthwave tracks from Time Slave Records
  • Unlockable procedural level generator for unlimited replays
  • Unlockable bonus game
  • 100% developed for PC and mouse control
  • Pure neon retro style graphics inspired by Tron and other classic 80s culture from my childhood!

Tronix Defender will be available from Steam on 13th November 2017:







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