Johnny Neo – First Look – SHOKIZM

So – here is the first look at my new project: JOHNNY NEO.

Johnny Neo is a top-down adventure/shooter/puzzle/stealth game (phew – that was long) with an emphasis on story. The basic premise is that poor old Johnny can’t afforf to pay his electric bill so has to take on the rather dangerous job of clearing out a space station which has gone haywire and killed all its human inhabitants.

The story is inspired quite blatantly by HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey and other similar Sci-Fi greats – but with a huge pinch of humour thrown in – this game won’t be taking itself too seriously though of course I’ll still be aiming for fully-professional quality presentation  and gameplay.

In terms of gameplay I started out with the intention of making a modern twist on that old classic, Chip’s Challenge – however as I’ve been prototyping over the past couple of months the game has already evolved into more of a puzzle-based top-down shooter/stealth style game.

Below are some screenshots from my prototyping stage – I hope you like the graphics style as I hand-pixelled all the art myself 🙂 as always I’d love your feedback so please leave a comment if you have one!






That’s all for today folks – see you next time!

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