My personal favourite old-skool games.

Hi folks, today I’m going to do a quick run down of the early games that that influenced my taste and style in game design and more importantly these games are memory triggers for my golden period of gaming. This is just a quick post for fun but I’ll get to talking about Game Maker Studio next time I promise!

#1 Jet Set Willy – Spectrum 16k – I always loved this game, it had gross colours, lame music and no story – yet kept me playing all day.

#2 Sonic The Hedgehog – Sega Megadrive – this was Sega’s answer to Mario – and I thought it was the bees-knees.


#3 R.Type – Megadrive / Atari ST – for me this will always be the ultimate shooter – beautiful and deadly.

#4 Xenon / Xenon 2 – Atari ST – where R.Type left off this game took over – or something like that anyway…


#5 Street Fighter II – Arcade – the grand-daddy of fighting games – this game set the standard for all vs fighters.

#6 Target Renegade – Spectrum 128k – When it comes to beat-em-ups this was my favourite – and the music was so cool!


#7 Dune 2 – PC – This game made strategy what it is today – point and click RTS games owe it their bloodlines.

#8 Herzog Zwei – Megadrive – I believe this was the first ever RTS game – I certainly played it before Dune 2…


#9 Sim City – Atari ST – the father of all sim games and a legendary piece of software – this game inspired a genre of its own.

#10 PaperBoy – Atari ST – I spent months clocking this game – something about being able to smash windows was totally addictive!


Well that’s about all for today guys and girls – but before I go I’d like to make it clear that whilst these games were not necessarily the best games of their day they are simply the ones I remember with most fondness! Peace out and see you next time…

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