Cities XXL Review


Cities XXL is the latest in the series from Focus Home Interactive, a Sim City style city building sim (yeah sorry – I know that sentence sucked… but after you read my review you’ll see why I couldnt be bothered). Let me start off by pointing out that I bought the previous Cities XL games so my review may be biased in that respect.

TNormally I like to gie you a full review starting with the graphics, working through the gameplay and finishing with my final thoughts… But this game sucks so much I just can’t be bothered. When I play this game I feel numb….

Cities XXL is nothing more than a bug-fix on its predecessor – even with the 50% discount for previous owners this game still cost 15GBP – it should have been a free patch. If you absolutely love city building games and you’ve never played the franchise before you might want to buy this game – although do be warned – its not as fun as Tropico nor is it as deep as Sim City. If you already own Cities XL and desperately want to play a version that will at last run without crashing this is your solution – but otherwise avoid it like the plague. Lets be honest – Cities XL wasn’t a very good game in the first place – and Cities XXL doesn’t make it much better in my opinion.


I wanted to leave you with some great Outraged Otter simile here but I’m too seething to make this funny. I’m gonna be direct and say – don’t buy this game unless you’re like being punched in the face by your own fist.

Final Score 1/10

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