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We were delighted to be asked to provide the soundtrack to Tronix Defender – Shokizm’s latest effort.

It was a new challenge for TimeSlave Recordings as a label, and presented a different set of challenges to compiling a standard compilation album. But the aesthetics of retro gaming fit perfectly with our neo-80s sound and the tracks were made to meet the intense, often relentless pace of the game.

Kid Neon’s Tronix Theme started things off. And there are some great tracks by many of our talented composers – including some with huge experience of writing for computer games.

The soundtrack, which comes out on (release date of game) features an eclectic mix of Synthwave, Cyberpunk and 8-bit sounds. Special mention to 24:7, Cybertronix, Lars Lennarth, ZAYAZ, and The G for representing the label alongside myself (Enzo Van Baelen) and Kid Neon. Thanks also to TSR associates, Primorph and Ethereal Delusions.

Special thanks to Richard aka Shokizm for the invite. Together, we hope Tronix players love the game and the soundtrack as much as we all enjoyed making it.


You can find out more about TimeSlave Recordings here:

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