Finally found an artist!

So – ever since I started to get a grip on game making I’ve been worried about graphics. Quite frankly my spriting skills just aren’t stylistically correct for most games and my ability with 3d modelling is virtually non-existent. I took a look at the major programs, played with some demos, checked out the more modern ‘easy to use’ sculpture packages but quite frankly nothing worked for me… so I went back to hand spriting and dreamed of finding an artist. And to be honest my spriting did get better – I’m at least now a passable artist I terms of 32x pixel art – just good enough for my sprites to be recognisable at least. But to be honest I was still searching for a pro – well an amateur pro if you get my meaning.

It was a little odd – I looked on my geeky forums, scoured my FB contacts list, emailed all my mates, read untold blogs and yet I just couldn’t find an artist, or if I did they actually weren’t as keen as I’d imagined or they were too busy with work or family – so I gave up.

And that’s when things got suddenly SUPER HD 3D on my ass!

guestpic4I posted a link to my new website (yes THIS website!) – and lo-and-behold, out of nowhere I get a message from a guy I’ve never spoken to before – he likes my games… but did I code them myself he wants to know?’Damn-straight I did – but why do you need to know that?!’ I quizzed.’Well’ says he, ‘I’m a 3D artist and I’m looking for a new project – I’ve got a game under my belt already and I want to expand my portfolio.’So – I’m proud to announce that my next major project will be in conjunction with Chris James a 3D designer from Essex and a bloody life saver in my books!Check out some examples of his work below – and see you next time when I’ll have a little more info about our project for you!

guestpic3 guestpic5 guestpic6 guestpic7 guestpic1 guestpic2Bannerstrip1
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