Planetary Annihilation Review


Planetary Annihilation is the new real-time strategy from Uber Entertainment (read: Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander team) and it arrived with big expectations. Set in the far future this sci-fi RTS dares to take traditional RTS to a planet wasting level – something I’ve personally dreamed of since the dawn of games like Dune 2 and Carrier Command… And this game had especially grand aspirations thanks to its in/famously successful Kickstarter campaign reaching 2.2 million US Dollars.

Sadly this game really didn’t live up to the hype, at least not in my opinion. Compared to its predecessors it’s a shadow of former glories. The presentation is nice, ok, alright – but certainly nothing to write home about. The graphics and sound are fine, up-to-the-job, mediocre – though for my personal taste I really don’t enjoy the simplistic cell-style models and would have preferred something with nice high-res textures and pretty particle-fx.

The gameplay is not-bad, alright, pretty much the same as TA & SC… But somehow lacking that all-powerful king-of-war feeling that I enjoyed so much from those games. But what about the planet hoping? I hear you cry… Again I just get that -seen this donkey ten times already- feeling, even though I really haven’t! It’s amazing how they managed to make the entirely new experience of invading other planets seem boring.


So what’s the conclusion here? All games that Kickstart are not gold… I’m not sure if they wasted all their time on balancing the multi-player – but the total lack of a single-player campaign whatsoever seems a bit rubbish to me. Coupled with the high price tag and the supreme averageness of this lacklustre software – I’d say don’t bother getting this polystyrene-cup of a game. There are plenty of other RTS games out there to spend your money on.

Final Score 5/10

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