Taking a break from Johnny Neo to work on PsyPenguin Vs Infinity! SHOKIZM

Hi All,

So just a quick note to say I’ll be taking a break from working on Johnny Neo for a couple of weeks so I can work on my Android ShootEmUp – Psy Penguin Vs Infinity!

First let me just say – I’m certainly not giving up on Johnny Neo – he’s coming to a screen near you for damn sure! – but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and work on something else for a while so your creative juices keep flowing…

Now let’s talk about Psy Penguin Vs Infinity. In fact – they say a picture speaks a thousand words so here is a screen-shot.


As you can probably tell, Psy Penguin Vs Infinity (PPVI from now on I think – otherwise that’s a damn mouthful…) is an old-skool style vertical shooter… What you can’t tell from the picture is that being an Android game it has a somewhat unusual control mechanism inspired by the amazingĀ  Xelorians of recent Android fame… I simply loved the simplicity of the fighter tracking your finger across the screen and the auto-fire mechanism – it really gives something special to the game in my opinion and I wanted to explore that control technique and see if I could pull off something similar myself.

PPVI is also inspired heavily by Parodius – that classic 80s (hmm – was it 90s maybe?) shoot-em-up which took the piss out of every other current shooter whilst managing to be bloody great in-and-of-itself. Parodius was a brilliant shooter with a really wacky and often psychedelic style – from blowing up ducks to flying through chorus-girl’s legs it was weird in totally a awesome way.

I’m also inspired of course by that classic, 1943: Batle of Midway by Capcom, pretty much the shooter which set the standard back in the 80s, and I hope to be taking its pixelly goodness into a new direction for the the modern masses. I could reel off a massive list here from R-Type to Ikagura – suffice to say it’s a modern shooter with retro (hand-pixelled) graphics and I hope just a dash of silly humour! I’m also looking to add rogue-like elements with a semi-random generation of baddies and obstacles to ensure you never get bored and keep the game challenging – so there won’t be much chance for pattern-learning – but I think that’s a good thing.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below – as always your opinions matter!

Peace out, SHOKIZM.

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